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Alexander Kubaiski is a truly result-oriented motivational speaker and corporate coach with hands-on experience, and an extraordinary, gripping past. A veteran entrepreneur and business owner with over thirty years of practical knowledge, running day-to-day operations have given him an overwhelming edge in dealing with the challenges of real-world commerce. Alexander is an economist and an artist who bridges what was thought to be the impossible, blending the professional, corporate world with the psychological and the artistic. He inspires and connects with every level of awareness, both personal and professional, even in areas where logic ignores or resists change because of its established comfort zones.

An altruist at heart, Alexander has had the privilege to observe and learn from his father, a prominent, highly respected advisor to the most feared heads of State in Yugoslavia, now Macedonia. His profound means of using hope and faith to build people was of great influence and inspiration to many, and Alexander now continues his father's legacy by applying humility, passion, patience and sincerity to coaching in an often volatile, stressful corporate world.

His humble ways inspire clients to excellence as he guides them to the path of true, lasting success, by using the natural laws of the mind. In his belief occupying your mind with constructive and harmonious thoughts manifests in agreeable, harmonious conditions, where balance is essential ingredient. The same balance that we all need in order to find equilibrium between hard work and play; between working conditions that require our total focus and commitment, and a hobby that brings joyful unity of our inner thoughts, of harmony and effortless meditation. His ability to find a balance in his life is manifested through art, with a brush and a canvas, which he finds necessary to maintain despite of time and disagreeable conditions.    

As an Entrepreneur all of his adult life, started 6 companies in different fields of operation, from Publishing to Manufacturing, has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, and invested in many start-up businesses, personally run hands-on operations, being involved in every aspect of the companies’ functions.

Alexander believes regardless of the amount of time spent on coaching, training, consulting, or motivating, one must underscore the fact that unless the source-the mind, and its indisputable laws are understood and mastered, all one's efforts will bring short lived, temporary results. Being able to awaken true potential while using the gift - your mind, as the giants of life have been doing throughout history, is the ultimate goal. Everything else is secondary - pep talks and certifications would be rather self-serving. Unless you reach the level of mastering these natural laws, all your diplomas and testimonials will be of little consequences and of no help to you or your company.