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Alexander Kubaiski, internationally acclaimed artist, sculptor, designer, residing and operating his studio in Los Angeles since 1984 (eight years as Art Gallery owner). Online gallery since 1998. Drawing portraits since the age of seven, created his first oil painting at the age of nine. Studied and exhibited in France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Sweden and Denmark, where his work was not only well received, but also the subject of numerous sold-out exhibitions. Currently sold-out on originals. Original art work and sculpture by commissions only. Archival reproductions (any size) on canvas and paper, serigraphs and prints.

  “The essentials of art stand outside the doctrine of any single school. The art is timeless; what is right once is right always. We may outgrow ideas or emotions, but our enduring pleasure in pure forms, expressive and balanced, will remain constant.”

Alexander Kubaiski


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