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We are all born with unique talents, abilities, qualities, and virtues. Whether we find the time to develop them and to what degree we do is up to us. Some of us were fortunate to have our parents encourage our efforts; some of us could only be encouraged by ourselves.

 - Would you like to know what your hidden talents are?

- Would you like to know if you are a Natural, and have the genius within yet to be discovered?

Are you curious about your child or teenager's hidden talents and abilities? Are they waiting to be encouraged in the shortest and most effective way? Maybe you are just no longer inspired in your own, or your child's art classes or tutoring and you fear that the interest is slipping away.

It is natural and understandable to fear taking the financial and emotional risk of a formal art education. Talent is innate in all of us, and that talent can be examined and evaluated before you take the time and spend the money to pursue the arts as a profession. A thorough and, most importantly, honest evaluation of your potential and your talent is the only way to answer your questions and eliminate risks. I can provide you with this necessary step to realizing your fullest potential.

I have experience teaching at the university level, and have a degree in both art and economics. It is my passion to enrich lives through art and experience. When you feel you are on the verge of losing hope and interest in the arts, I can provide you with the rare opportunity to not simply be schooled in fine art, but to be coached, step-by-step through the creative and artistic process. I have been creating art spanning all mediums since the age of nine. My passion for the arts has allowed me to experience and embrace all its multiple forms, from architecture to painting, from sculpting to interior design, from creating fine furnishings to designing restaurants and beyond. 


In my one-on-one art coaching, the ultimate goal is to discover the artist's strongest, most promising asset within their talent, find its strengths, and assign the appropriate media to best express their skill. We will work together, hands-on, to get a sense of your unique process, develop your skill, provide direction, and unlash the imagination. 

Almost anybody can show you how to paint through painting techniques. The ability to "see" true talent, encourage, and bring out the best of it, however, is as rare a skill to find in a teacher as true 'master' talent is found in individual artists. In art, as in any profession, there are millions of people pursuing a career in the field. The fact is, only three percent of them graduate with honors, and out of the three percent, only a few become the epitome of "the artist".  
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Art Coaching Packages
For children under the age of 18 years, one-day Evaluation-Coaching and Tutoring tuition is $800 for 8 hours. Art supplies provided by client.
Evaluation for Adults starting at: $400, 2 1/2 hr, within 10 miles from Studio Kubaiski
One-On-One Art Instructions/Coaching:
$125 /hr, 2 hr sessions, 5 sessions minimum: $1,250
 For package sessions, six months, or one-year semesters, special packages available.
Afternoon and Evening classes are subject to availability.
Payments: all major credit cards accepted.

For art consultations, assessment of art direction, critiquing of art or art gallery exhibits, setting up an art gallery as a business or becoming an art publisher, submit your inquiries for thirty minutes of free evaluation.
Evaluation for children (18 and under)starting at $250, 2 1/2 hr, within 10 miles from Studio Kubaiski (Hollywood), or at the studio. Art supplies provided by client.
For package sessions, six months sessions, or art coaching per one year plans, please contact as special packages are available.
So before you decide to take art classes, and before you put your child's confidence in jeopardy -- before anything, you should be committed to receiving a thorough evaluation. The few hours it will take to evaluate your skill or your child's will quite probably be the most important few hours in your lives. Take this opportunity to have a n honest, sincere evaluation of where your talent lies and how best to showcase it, then from there you can feel confident in the way you want to proceed.

Regardless of your choice of whether you want to create for pleasure, or to pursue creating as a career, the process of creating should be joyous, where challenges are met with excitement, and where the desire to discover your inner strengths and talents elevates you, and fills you with security and self-motivation. Creating should put you in a place where talent, discipline and work become one with satisfaction, progress, and enjoyment- where time becomes inconsequential. Whatever your talent, and whatever your creative process, you should engage in your craft with a drive that comes from within, where you know your strengths and are unafraid of your weaknesses, where you can acquire the techniques, use them to develop your unique style, and you know deep within yourself that you have no competition.
Adults: For Evaluation & one-day personal art tutoring/coaching with Alexander Kubaiski, tuition is $1,000 for 8 hours; there are no make-up sessions.
One-On-One Art Instructions/Coaching:
Starting at $75 /hr, 2 hr sessions, 5 sessions minimum: $750
You can best reach me through my email at: