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Mind - The Final Frontier

excerpts from the book:

Most of us know where we want to go… We all have visions and desires for the quality of life we deserve, for the difference we can make in ours and other peoples life’s, and yet, most of us find ourselves frustrated or discouraged by the daily life that has taken it’s own path, leaving us disappointed, rather empty and with a feeling that our efforts are not bringing the results we have expected. We find ourselves trapped in the daily routines of life, helpless, or unable to quite take control of our destiny. These days more then ever we find ourselves overwhelmed by duties and responsibilities and a reality in which our financial security plays an enormous factor in our behavior, professional and personal.

We are surrounded by all this ocean of information, about choices and abundance, about better life and its ultimate benefits, and yet we feel lonely. We search for help, for knowledge, for a way out. We take the time and efforts to go to events that promise life changing results and improvements, only to find that our pursuit has further deepened the feeling of helplessness…

"Mind - The Final Frontier" is a book that was born in the excitement of the continuing search for life’s meaning, in the effort to explore life, and uncover its ultimate secret and disclose to us why one person is joyous and prosperous and another person unhappy and poor. Why does one person live in a small house near the railroad tracks, while another one lives in a beautiful, luxurious mansion? Why one executive or manager is highly popular and respected, while another unpopular and disliked? Why does one man enjoy a great success while another merely surviving.


The purpose of this book is to teach you step by step, and show you how to use your own inner powers to achieve the results you desire, to guide you while enabling you to get what you really want in life. You will learn how to use incredibly powerful methods that will help you solve your business problems, open the gate to wisdom within you and show the true you, the best of you in your work place, in your family relationships, in your communications and in all of your affairs.


You will learn the simple techniques that will change your state of mind in the most positive, most desirable way and produce stunning results by tapping into the infinite source. 

Alexander Kubaiski

Book coming soon!

"MIND - The Final Frontier - 10 Indisputable Laws of the Mind"

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