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Coaching as we know it today is a relatively new profession but over the few years it has been a practice, coaching has influenced both lives and careers for thousands of leaders, executives, managers, and people seeking personal and professional excellence.
In our ongoing pursuit of results we assimilate new beliefs, expectations and assumptions into the habitual behaviors that govern our everyday lives. Whether you are experiencing positive or negative changes in your living and working conditions at this moment, my beliefs are that without developing your full creative potential level of your consciousness and deliver total integrity and emotional intelligence while performing daily tasks, your effort in finding solutions would be of little consequences.
Corporate Wisdom
Having or acquiring the ability to improve one's own creativity and performance, as well as that of one's employees seems to be the ultimate goal of an executive within a company.
The corporate success or failure is a reflection of the corporate decisions acquired by its management wisdom, comprised by the individuals from within. How these individuals lead, is in direct correlation to how prepared they are for the tasks ahead and their resiliency to change, since change is inherently unsettling for people at all levels of an organization.
From my experience there are two different components that are part of the same issue, each equally responsible:
1.      First, it is about the individual and his/hers habitual behavior with all their virtues and liabilities, and
2.      Second, it is about the Company as a whole, and its ability to make the employees feel they are an integral part of an organization that cares, a company they want to belong to.
Transformational programs that brought quickest results in my work were designed in harmony with these beliefs. When a change arriving from the first group becomes necessary, the delay would directly impact the second. I have seen companies lose business, employees, and had major lawsuits, because of one troublesome manager in the company.
Change Management
Changes in the economy have a direct impact in the business world, pressuring more executives and managers to change roles or positions. Some will find themselves in accepting challenging duties coping with the new circumstances, change of power, salary, or move to a new location, while some might face a change in form of termination. Regardless of the circumstances, these are all issues that have direct impact on the individuals involved in the change, and each one must be addressed on case-by-case basis.
In addition to data collection and analysis, planning and implementing a new strategy, from my practical experience of even greater importance is to preserve the integrity and moral of the person in transition. If the intention of the change is to prepare one for demotion, to this person such change is more then a matter of salary. It is a change of life style, recognition in the company and the society at large. If this fragility is not handled with respect and integrity, such peoples demotion can and will leave long range negative residuals of resentment toward the personnel, the company or the industry.      
Assigning the right company approach in the transition must include humility in the process of implementation in all levels of the organization. Building people while building strategy and vision should articulate a team-aligned leadership for which a change is part of growth, professional as well as personal. I believe it is here that I am passionately confident in the ability to convey such change and deliver surprising results where most efforts have failed. 

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