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Executive-Corporate Development

Whether you grew up with the baby-boomers or you belong to the millennial generation, there are noticeable transitions and adaptations affecting the psychological playground we call the workplace.

Whether you belong to the new corporate generation with the world under your thumb and all the newest technology and skills, or you represent the classic "corporate family", raised to sacrifice for the greater good, you are faced with the inevitable: the Millennium Bridge. On this narrow bridge, where society passes a torch, the efforts of one generation are distinguished while another is embraced. It is our hope that the Millennium Bridge can withstand the test of time when faced with the erosion of corporate etiquette.

The real key to successful leadership lies in understanding the laws of the human mind and in learning to correctly apply them in business. Most executives fail to acknowledge this very simple key, resulting in struggle and ultimately dissatisfaction. One cannot apply changes, handle management training, expect optimum results from one's teammates, or subsequently expect to receive optimal returns on investments without command of these fundamentals.

I believe coaching highly motivated executives and corporate entities to excel and voyage into the realm of total business satisfaction is a relatively simple task to achieve. The real challenge lies in overcoming the overstressed and overextended executive's environment, where staff and management have fallen out of harmony and behavioral problems have become commonplace. The global economy has spread its wings beyond borders, regardless of where in the corporate community we are, or which country we live in. Now, more than ever before we need to find a way to manage and balance our lives while keeping sanity from escaping us in the process.


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