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There are Leaders, and then there are others who think they are


Leadership is extremely complex virtue, encompassing more qualities and requiring more emotional intelligence than any other form of attributed or acquired behavior. And although there are naturally born leaders, most leaders today are self-made.  

Leadership is not about title, degree of education, or status at work. Leading is not about the money we make, the clothes we wear, the car we drive, or the house we live in, and though an executive, managerial or supervisory role may put a person in the position to lead, it does not automatically make that person a leader.
The fundamental flaw in leaders is the expectation that their position entitles them to rewards.
Leadership is about a character, about understanding and applying the timeless principles of life with conviction and personal strength; it is about making choices and connecting with something larger than ourselves. A true Leader is a great servant, serving truth with unwavering integrity, exuding humility, and exhibiting exceptional character. Leaders serve in the best interest of humanity by leading through example; leaders practice what they preach.

They influence people with consistent positive action and passion for truth. They surrender self-interest for the greater good of the people. A leader mobilizes people behind a cause not because of their meticulous appearance or good looks, but because of their ability to inspire people to see the best in themselves. A leader does not bend the truth, or take the easy way out. A leader takes responsibility for their actions regardless of whether the chips are down or up.Throughout history leaders and leadership have been associated with ideals, self sacrifices for the good of the people and for a cause bigger then self, and for contributing to humanity.
Orphan leaders- the new corporate identity?
Things are changing, particularly in the corporate world. We are experiencing a phenomenon where leaders are cultivating a new definition of leadership, diluting it and permitting a pluralistic self-serving attitude, allowing leaders to rationalize their choices and decisions. The incredible industrial growth that we have experienced for the past three decades has imposed a burden on all of us to produce high caliber executives, especially from the new generation.
These demands and pressures are the reason we now have a new generation of leaders, which I call orphan leaders, leaders thrown into uncharted waters where they are pressed to perform as expected, and are guided by profit. And in return, profit is becoming the new barometer for measuring leadership. I believe this corporate reality is the reason why we now are experiencing financial crises of epic proportions.  
Leadership Development
Life is more then an occasion. We are here to rise above the obvious obstacles, beyond our self-indulgent temptations and to put our foot down and challenge mediocrities and challenge ourselves. The true makings of a leader, regardless of its philosophical interpretation, lies within its character and the basic understanding of vision, commitment, and courage. To a degree - we all posses these virtues - how do we go about enveloping them, that is a matter of choice. It all starts from committing yourself to greatness. Once you've made the choice, the courage and vision ensue the course of action. Ask yourself if Nelson Mandela took seminars in Commitment, if Gandy take courses in Vision, and how did Martin Luther King learned about Courage?
If you are seriously considering working with a coach that will challenge you or your company direction, if you truly believe you are ready for a change at this point of your life, I think we need to talk. I grew up in an house of a great leader maker.  If you are ready to make a far-reaching impact in your life, I provide individualized executive and leadership coaching with the same passionate commitment that has guided me throughout my life. 
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