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All of our unhappiness and frustrations are a result of our unfulfilled desires. The way we think and our perceptions are our greatest influences over how we live our lives. Our perception is our reality. When we choose a certain course, plan, an idea, or a mental picture, our success in charting that course depends on how well we understand ourselves, and how aware we are about the workings of our minds. The absence of this knowledge will lead to procrastination of our true growth. Though our perceptions may affect and represent our reality, it does not mean they are the right perceptions, or for that matter that our reality is actually conducive to our success.

As we develop our talents, identify our career ambitions, and acquire status or recognition at work, we tend to attach our identity to our social standing. By assigning so much personal value to our social standing, as a result our habitual behaviors reflect a need to maintain that social standing. This process of beliefs, when prolonged carves a riverbed that becomes a canyon if we do not try to alter our perceptions and change direction.
If events, timing, being in the right place and our situation as a whole develop to our advantage, we find ourselves enjoying the benefits of our efforts. The reality is that today, modern society imposes demands on us that overwhelm our minds, threaten our confidence and intimidate, creating blocks of doubt.
If you can open your subconscious mind to embracing your capacity for success and wealth, then success and wealth will follow your subconscious conviction. Most people believe the only way to acquire wealth, success and happiness is through struggle, hard-work, and constant self-sacrifice. While hard work and dedication are an element to acquiring success, that alone will not deliver results.
The truth is we have little to no knowledge about ourselves, or how we think and why, even though in the past decade, science has discovered revolutionary information about the mind and its laws. We spend an enormous amount of time and money on things that only give temporary joy, happiness, or peace. We invest more in clothes then we invest searching for real health, wealth, harmony, or peace of mind. I am amazed to see how much people are willing to invest in training events and seminars that confirm the problem while distracting from the real solution. This perpetuates the same behaviors, so it is no wonder people are disappointed afterwards due to a lack of real change and improvement. 
Life is all about choices we make, every minute, everyday. You have all you need to be all you want. Your future is in your hands. There are mental laws that guide our thoughts, actions and reactions. If you want to achieve riches in life and claim your undeniable right to happiness, you must realize that nothing in life is predetermined. The way you believe, feel, and think determine your quality of life. The functionality of the mind is not unlike that of a particularly beautiful clock. Without proper maintenance and if even one small piece is missing, you have a clock that may be beautiful, but it will not tell you what time it is. Simple as that.
Everyone desires health, happiness, wealth, piece of mind, but many fail to experience achieving clearly defined results. Living the life you desire, or overcoming roadblocks that are holding you back require a desire, a plan, and a specific strategy leading to such success. Regardless of your current situation, understanding the knowledge of power is a key to change. I believe the second step now is the action to contact a source you can identify with.
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